We thought you’d like to know a little more about the enigmas (is that right?  enigmae?) that are your time, and possibly life, saving authors.

In order to make sure that it is entirely honest, we have written each other’s biography, to ensure that it’s not biased in any ways.

David Haswell.

David’s real name is David, but he prefers to go by the name David as he’s always found David to be indicative of something he’s not comfortable with.  Unfortunately the two names, which are very different in spoken word, look identical when written down, so people usually call him the wrong one.  This has filled David with regret, confusion and no small amount of tiramisu.

When not reviewing, David likes to spend his time working, commuting and paying his bills.

He was voted ‘least likely to reuse a halberd’ in the Revuseless awards night.  A trophy he is both proud of and has lost.

His impressions of a duck doing an impression of something are legendary and people travel from literally the other side of the office to see them.  Not often though.

He also owes me a tenner.

Jamie Armstrong.

Jamie comes to Revuesless fresh from the deserts of Arabia (when I say fresh he was actually a bit sweaty and had to have a shower)  where he traveled with the Bedouin as a camel wrangler. Quite how you wrangle a camel I have no idea and Jamie isn’t letting on but I imagine it involves squeezing them to get all the water out so you have a nice dry camel to ride on.

Jamie grew up somewhere and he was a child at some point. He went to Newcastle University and did something.

In his time he has also been a semi-professional village pillager and a fully-professional magicians assistant although he gave up his professional status so he could take part in the Olympics. He won bronze for Armenia in 1984  assisting a magician in a highly complex illusion where they made Sponge Bob Square Pants disappear. His curtain work was considered exemplary.

When not writing for this site or sitting goggle eyed in front of episodes of House, Jamie enjoys enjoying himself and being thoroughly unpleasant to other people although always with a smile on his face.

I probably owe him a tenner.


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